Yoga cure asthma

Yoga cure asthmaYoga cure asthma As it turned out in the course of research conducted by staff of the Department of alternative medicine at Exeter University, patients with a diagnosis of "asthma" showing clear signs of improvement in their condition after undergoing special training exercises based on yoga. After analyzing data on the rest of the ancient system of healing, the researchers concluded that yoga cycle of exercises, which are an integral part of the so-called "Sahaja yoga", is most clearly linked to overcome or at least mitigate the symptoms of various respiratory diseases, including asthma. The essence of Sahaja yoga is that with exercise to achieve the state of full or absolute mental control over the processes occurring in the body". A set of exercises developed by this methodology includes several techniques of relaxation (relaxation): "creating a positive attitude", "visualize what is happening inside the body and, as a final stage, "the acquisition of the ability to relax when you need the right muscle groups and muscles". According to doctors, after three or four months of intensive therapy of such patients achieve certain results, gradually altering his diagnosis in the direction of improvement. Additionally, these patients significantly improves overall physical performance and mood. Source:

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