One tablet will save syphilis

One tablet will save syphilisNew tablet antibiotic is able as well to resist syphilis, as injections of penicillin. This medicine help to fight this dangerous venereal disease in developing countries. Such conclusions were made as a result of studies done in Tanzania. A group of researchers headed by Dr. Gabriel Renderon from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, has conducted an extensive survey in Tanzania on patients suffering from syphilis. It was found that patients in the course of the experiment took oral azithromycin and recovered as quickly as the experimental group, which was made of traditional injections of penicillin. In the study, 328 patients from Mei gave or tablet azitromicina, or were given a shot of penicillin. The results were checked every 3 months for 9 months. Azithromycin showed 98% sleevenote, whereas in the group taking penicillin rate was 95%. Test tablets azitromicina will be continued in Madagascar, as well as in four U.S. cities. Prevday.

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