Most infected with HIV are not even aware about the disease

Most infected with HIV are not even aware about the diseaseOnly 10% of all infected with HIV in China know that they are carriers of the infection, thereby negating the efforts to combat the spread of AIDS. This was announced today by the head of the Chinese branch of the us Center for disease control and prevention Rey Fe. China is one of the three countries outside Africa, where the risk of Contracting AIDS. According to health organizations, by 2010 the number of victims of this disease can reach in China 10 million people. The other two countries are Russia and India. "About 90% of the patients do not know that they were HIV positive. Today they don't know what sick, but tomorrow they may become carriers of the virus," said Rey Fe. Health organizations fear that in China there is no system of checks on AIDS, while the government used to keep quiet about the outbreak of a particular disease, ordering the arrest of journalists and activists from various medical organizations. In the country, according to official data, there are between 840 thousand to 1 million HIV-infected people at 1.3 billion population. However, experts believe the real figure is much higher: according to them, only in Henan province in Central China is home to over a million HIV carriers. However, farmers cannot afford expensive tests for AIDS. Reuters-Health.

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