Stretch marks

Stretch marksWhat are stretch marks? Stretch marks - "popular" name striae white or purple (red) lines in places stretching of the skin. Stretch marks are scar tissue. In English literature marks are called Striae Atrophicans, Striae Rubra, Striae Alba, Stretch Marks, Striae Distensae Why do I get stretch marks? Stretch marks appear due to pererasseyaniya skin and hormonal changes. Under the action of hormones (corticosteroids, progesterone), the skin may lose elasticity, the surface layers can be smaller and as a result, when the load cause internal lacerations, which are then replaced by connective tissue. Why streamers of different colors? After the appearance of the connective tissue in the internal lacerations of the skin it contains blood vessels, giving the stretch marks are red or blue. Over time, the vessels zapustit and stretch marks turn white. Stretch marks are represented by a connective tissue in which there is no pigment, so if you tan stretch marks are white and more visible against tanned skin. When having stretch marks? Stretch marks appear during pregnancy in adolescence, when intensive increase in body mass, as well as in endocrine diseases, in particular syndrome Itsenko-Cushing syndrome, characterized by increased synthesis of glucocorticoids by the adrenal glands. Stretch marks can occur with long-term use of glucocorticoids (prednisone, hydrocortisone and others) both internally and topically. Stretch marks can be a result of genetic reasons. Where most often have stretch marks? Pregnancy stretch marks often appear on the abdomen, thighs and Breasts. Stretch marks that appear during adolescence are often on the abdomen, hips, waist, chest. With long-term use of glucocorticoids (prednisone, hydrocortisone and others), and syndrome Itsenko-Kushinga stretch marks can appear all over the body and face. This marks occupy large areas and are longer and wider than the stretch marks that occur during pregnancy and adolescence. Dangerous Lee stretch for health? Stretching does not affect health, however, some reasons that cause their appearance, in particular syndrome Itsenko-Cushing disease, may be hazardous to health. When the appearance of stretch marks with no regard to the pregnancy, the increase in blood pressure, redistribution of body fat in your upper body, as well as the appearance of unwanted hair on the face, chest, upper back (hirsutism) it is necessary to consult a doctor. How to prevent the development of stretch marks? There are special creams Vichy (Vergetures), Biotherm (Biovergetures), Galenic (Specific Vergetures), Gernetic, Phytomer (Pre Vergetures), Lierac (Photolastil). In the composition of these products include essential oils, plant extracts, collagen and elastin, which strengthens the skin. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks, you can use home remedies such as olive oil, which must be applied to the skin in places of the alleged appearance of stretch marks. The appearance of stretch marks due to increasing body weight, can be prevented through diet and the use of funds against stretch marks. How to treat stretch marks? The obtained data about the successful use of trilocana acid as a means for peeling skin. In the treatment of stretch marks using laser resurfacing (585-nm flash-lamp pulsed dye laser), which can be carried out in combination with peeling. When stretch marks are applied retinoids (retin-A, Avita). Is it possible to completely remove stretch marks? To completely remove stretch marks impossible without surgical intervention. During the tummy tuck eliminates pererastala leather together with stretch marks, but when you have a lot of stretch marks completely removed by this operation impossible. D. A. Г’rГЎsnГїjГїn.

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