Massage effect on the metabolism and function selection

Massage effect on the metabolism and function selectionScience has long known fact that massage increases urination. Moreover, increased urination, and increased the amount excreted from the body nitrogen: go to, one day after a massage. If you make a massage immediately after exercise, a selection of nitrogenous substances will increase by 15%. In addition, conducted after the muscle work speeds the removal of lactic acid from the body. Massage performed before physical activity, improves gas exchange by 10-20%, and after exercise - 96-135%. The above examples demonstrate that the massage is carried out after exercise, promotes more rapid leakage reduction processes in the organism. The recovery process is faster, if before the massage to conduct heat treatments (the use of paraffin, mud or hot tubs). The reason is that in the process of massage are formed decomposition products of proteins, which are absorbed into the blood, creating an effect similar to the action of proteinuria. In addition, massage, unlike physical exercise, does not lead to an overabundance of lactic acid in the body, and therefore, the acid-alkaline balance in the blood is not broken. People who are not engaged in physical labor, after heavy muscle work causes pain in muscles, due to the high concentration of lactic acid. The massage helps to excrete excess fluid and relieve phenomena..

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