Surgeons accidentally sewed three-year-old language to the gum

Surgeons accidentally sewed three-year-old language to the gumBritish surgeons accidentally sewed the tongue to the gum 3-year-old Megan Parfitt (Megan Parfitt). After surgery to remove a milk tooth of the patient within a few days refused to eat and was behaving unusually quiet, and that was of concern to her parents. After Beth Parfitt (Beth Parfitt), mother of Megan looked the girl in mouth, she found that the doctors from the hospital Prince Charles in South Wales sewed to the patient's tongue to the gum. The doctors fixed his mistake, and Beth Parfitt filed a complaint with the Department of health Northern Glamorgan (North Glamorgan NHS Trust). According to the official report received from the Department of health, conducted the investigation of this incident and complaint will be satisfied in accordance with its results. [Рњ].

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