Amnestic (Korsakov) syndrome

Amnestic (Korsakov) syndromeAMNESTIC (KORSAKOV) SYNDROME is a psychiatric syndrome in which the leading place is occupied by memory disorders on current events. Occurs when organic brain damage caused by intoxication, injury, infections, alcohol polyneuritic psychosis (Korsakov psychosis), tumors, strokes. Patients do not remember the circumstances surrounding the parties, are not oriented in time and place, I do not remember with whom they spoke, what they did, but can you tell us about your involvement in the events that supposedly only what happened and which actually was not (confabulate). Externally, the behavior of patients ordered. Marked only the immobile, lack of initiative. The mood is often indifferent, sometimes reduced, with weakness, fatigue, irritability; in some cases complacent-elevated (euphoric). For gross impairment of memory are stored in memory for events that occurred before the disease on professional knowledge and previous experience. Thinking as purely due to external impressions. There is no internal activity, focus on achieving a certain goal. However, patients retain the ability to intelligently discuss, draw correct conclusions if you do not require reliance on the memories of current events..

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