why dizzy?

why dizzy?As demonstrated by scientists, dizziness can be caused by a huge number of reasons, and even computer tomography can, in some cases, to identify its causes. In some cases, vertigo is caused by impaired conduction of sensory signals from the body balance in the brain, the Central processing of sensory signals in the cortex. It can also be caused by asymmetrical conducting nerve fibers coming from the vestibular organs or asymmetric inclusion of vestibular nerve fibers in the Central nervous system. Dizziness can also be caused by a strong blow to the head, concussion of the brain. Currently, even with the help of methods of computer tomography difficult to determine whether a cause of vertigo shock or damage to the nerve pathways. According to the journal Academic Emergency Medicine (N 12, 2003), in the case of vertigo is not associated with concussion or injury to the organ of balance, the most difficult to determine its cause. In this case, dizziness develops as a result of complex disorders of the nervous conduction system and irregularities in the signal processing in the cortex. Vertigo.ru.

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