"Monkey" diet to fight cholesterol

Scientists have developed a vegetarian diet to protect the heart, which, according to them, is as effective as special drug that lowers cholesterol. According to canadian researchers, special vegetarian diet almost 29% lowers "bad" LDL cholesterol, which clogs arteries. The effect of this diet is comparable with the efficiency of standard anticholesterolemic of v drug lovastatin, which is typically discharged to the people in case of serious risk of developing the disease. Lovastatin reduces levels of LDL-cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) approximately 30.9 %. SuperCorona diet includes almonds, soybeans, cereals with high fiber content type oat grains and barley, as well as plant sterols contained in vegetables and fruits. Study leader Professor David Jenkins of the University of Toronto, says: "With age, as a rule, increases the level of cholesterol, which in turn increases the risk of developing heart disease. Our research has shown that to combat cholesterol people have now diet alternative medicines". According to Professor Jenkins, food was so effective, perhaps because people in the course of evolution have been adapted to the "monkey" diet with high fiber, nuts, and vegetable proteins. The results of the study of canadian physicians published in the journal of the American medical Association. She.

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