All about Ayurveda

All about AyurvedaAll about Ayurveda Ayurveda is the science comprehensive, complete, is the SCIENCE OF LIFE. Take a look around yourself. Everything You see exists according to the laws described in Ayurveda: a gust of wind, the morning fog, the trees and grass, rain, sun and Polevaya liver. All this manifestation of life and all that is Ayurveda. Man is part of nature and everything in it must be balanced, normalized with trebovaniyam nature. Mighty forces created when the whole world exist in every person and in all of its surrounding world. We're all part of this world. And each of us is a world in itself. Each person is unique, but each of people have particles of all the world's energies. We are the carriers of these energies, and so deadly a little about yourself know! Ayurveda helps to understand themselves, their aspirations, interests, to explain how to live, how to live disease-free and happy, in harmony with themselves and the world. It is assumed that there is this science in India approximately between 4 000 and 6 000 BC. However, the extant works of the Greek physician Hippocrates indicate a clear link between neurotherapeutics techniques of Ancient Greece and India. Ayurveda is a part of the VEDAS, the oldest known body of knowledge of our civilization. In Sanskrit shares means life. But not the number of years, and the combination of body, senses, mind and soul. The word Veda, of course - to know (hence, probably, the Russian word - to know). It is your unique structure of the body explains why, for example, You always need to dress warmer, and your neighbor feels fine and in one t-shirt. Why do some people eat whatever they want and in any quantity, without poprawski a single gram, and the other to get rid of excess weight is not helping any one diet. Why are we so different? The answer to this question is given by Ayurveda. Ancient texts teach that the universe is composed of five basic elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. The combination of these elements make up the so-called DOSHAS, or types of energy.And the whole world around us, including ourselves, includes in different proportions, all of these types of energy, all the Doshas. The doshas are: VATA (space and air), PITTA (fire and water), KAPHA (water and earth). And at birth from our parents to us goes a different number of these energies, which leads to the fact that we are all so different. For example, if You contain more VATA dosha, You will be lighter on the rise, more legkomyslennyy, visionaries. And if more KAPHA-dosha - You will have a tendency to put on lifting heavy, but extremely reliable. The first step to finding balance is determining your leading doshas, i.e. that type of energy, which is contained in You more than the other two. As a rule, the energy of the first seeks to imbalance. VATA dosha (air and wind) This dosha is most susceptible to change. People with predominant energy of this type, light, lively, cheerful. They have a great imagination, but their behavior is often unpredictable. They usually have a large (or Vice versa, low) growth, thin dry skin and thin body structure. They are sensitive to cold. They are easy to start any new business, but rarely bring it to the end. PITTA - dosha (fire and water) These are people of the fire. They tend to rush into politics or business. They are always and everywhere want to be first. But they are contraindicated hot climate and spicy seasonings to food. KAPHA - dosha (water and earth) Such people have a dense body shape, they are slow, even sluggish, but to stand on his own will to the end is the most reliable friends. They don't like cold, wet weather. This dosha is the hardest to budge, it is less susceptible to cause disease. But caused by an overabundance of this dosha disease most difficult to treat. According to Ayurveda, the main condition of good health is in the balance your doshas. It's not easy. After all, the world around You lives according to the laws of these energies-doshas, and like always increases like that. For example, You mostly WOOL. And if every day You will do things that increase VATA (e.g. travel, especially unplanned), and eat food, COTTON is increasing (or shall we abuse alcohol)- wait for the appearance of sores! Then the energy of VATA in your body will be more, and, according to the laws of nature, she will find a way out. And go to the part of your body that are the least protected from the invasion of this overabundance of energy. Get a disease with a name in modern Western medicine.

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