Creates all-Russian professional Union of healers

Creates all-Russian professional Union of healersCreates all-Russian professional Union of healers In October of this year at the founding Congress will be created Nationwide professional Association of healers. On Thursday at a press conference in Moscow, said the President of the public organization "for Professional medical Association of folk medicine" Vladimir Tonkov. Speaking about the problems of Russian folk healers, Tonkov accused the health Ministry and the regional authorities in an attempt to "wipe folk medicine from the legal field, and in particular, the refusal of the authorities of subjects of the Federation to register traditional healers". According to him, the Ministry of health "practices monopolies medical approaches to Health and fears of healers as "competitors". In turn, Director of scientific clinico-experimental centre of traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Alexey Karpeev stressed that the Ministry "for a long time engaged in the issues of healing and are ready to further conduct research work on the study of this phenomenon". However, according to him, has not yet received enough information about the effectiveness of healing and abilities of traditional healers. Alex Karpeev, however, in favour of a "legal regulation of the activities of healers". State Duma Deputy, Chairman of the Union of consumers of the Russian Federation Peter Shelishch advocated the legalization of traditional healers. However, he acknowledged that "rogues in this area quite a lot". Sharing his experience with traditional healers, he noted that "they often act as social workers". According to him, "even without healers no medical care, people are moving away from them satisfied". Source:RIA "Novosti" and Madlena.Ru.

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