SARS will fight using lotteries

SARS will fight using lotteriesArriving in Hong Kong passengers expect pleasant surprises. In accordance with the declared before the decision of the administration of the Hong Kong international airport, one of the largest in the world, in the framework of the campaign to promote undermined by the outbreak of SARS image of Hong Kong, guests will be able to participate in lottery draws. On the advertising campaign allocated more than $12 million. As prizes are brand new cars and cash coupons to purchase goods in city shops at a cost of approximately $250. Lucky from the airport will deliver totally free on the hotels "rolls-Royce". Yes and in the hotels now announced significant discounts and offers different rewards. And all in order to return to the former British enclave fearful epidemic of foreign tourists. At the same time with the aim of resuscitation undermined air traffic sagansky airport becomes much cheaper. So, operating in Hong Kong foreign airlines have the right to use high discount up to 50% on landing ships depending on the transported volume of passengers. Special exemptions apply to those airlines that resumes the interrupted flights. [ITAR-TASS].

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