Vladivostok an outbreak of intestinal diseases

Vladivostok an outbreak of intestinal diseasesIn Vladivostok, the cases of intestinal poisoning. According to Deputy chief physician for epidemiological urban Tatiana Hamutuk, during the first week of August marked the 186 cases of acute intestinal infections, of which 104 have on children. However, according to Hamutuk, cause for special concern. "The epidemiological situation for this time of year," she says. The last three weeks we fix the splash intestinal poisoning, but the incidence is slightly above average". According to the results of the first week of August, the doctors found 15 cases of dysentery and 2 - salmonellosis. The reason for the outbreak of disorders of the intestines and stomachs among citizens according to the doctors is in the offensive fruit of the season. "Unfortunately, the health literacy of our population is poor. We once again remind people do not eat unwashed berries, fruits and vegetables. These are the main factors of transmission of intestinal infections in this period of time," said Homecook. Дейта.Ru.

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