Vaccine Deplete tumor

Vaccine Deplete tumorVaccine Deplete tumor From the United Shatov received a message about the successful testing of a new vaccine against tumors of various types, and in the UK developed a new test to identify tumors in the early stage of formation. New American weapons against cancer was developed by a group of American scientists. It acts against angiogenesis, proliferation of blood vessels, which results in swelling, barely reaching 2 mm in diameter. In fact, cancer cells need serpitine", they are provoking the creation of new blood vessels. The vaccine was tested on mice, blocked blood flow to tumors and prevented thus its growth. In addition, in rodents for another 10 months appeared protection against re-growth of tumors. Ralph Reisfeld, immunologist from the Scripps Research Institute, used a vaccine containing FLK-1 against the protein responsible for the growth of blood vessels around the tumor. Mice with three different types of cancer had vaccination vaccine containing genetically modified, no pathogenic bacteria that can produce a large number of FLK-1. Thus, there was quite a long and sustained immune response that can block the blood vessels around cancer. These vessels are weakened and eventually disappeared altogether. In addition, almost no side effects have been observed. This vaccine, the vaccinated person will be even more effective in combination with other therapies that promote the death of cancer cells, and will be useful to prevent recurrence. Source: Inopressa.Ru.

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