The main clinical syndromes in diseases of the nervous system

The main clinical syndromes in diseases of the nervous systemWhat is the syndrome of the Central spastic paralysis? Syndrome Central spastic paralysis occurs when the majority of vascular, traumatic and infectious diseases of the brain and spinal cord (if the lesion spinal lesion is located above the lumbar thickening), and multiple sclerosis. For cerebral lesions characteristic of the Central mono - or hemiparesis, spinal - lower paraparesis, at least - tetraparesis. What is a syndrome of peripheral paralysis? A syndrome of peripheral paralysis occurs in diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves and plexuses, spondylogenic lumbosacral and cervical-brachial radiculitis, spinal cord injury at the level of lumbar thickening and below it, with some lesions of the brain (Central flaccid paralysis) and hereditary diseases of the nervous system (myopathy, a disease). Musculoskeletal disorders are often located in the area of innervation of the respective roots, plexus, or nerve; spinal lesions observed lower prepares, brain diseases - side hemiparesis, myo - symmetric disorder on the trunk and proximal extremities, and with amyotrophy and polyneuritis in the distal. Which is typical for the syndrome of afferent paresis? Syndrome afferent palsy is a kind of disorder of coordination of movements, causing them to lose coherence, accuracy, fluency, become slower and often do not reach the goal. Ability to work and self-service patients dramatically reduced even while maintaining voluntary movements and sufficient muscle strength. Especially disturbed execution thin differentiated actions. Afferent paresis occurs when the disorder (or loss) muscle and joint sensation in the brain (especially the parietal lobe or the optic tubercle) or spinal cord (rear pillars or rear horns). When the lesion in the cerebral cortex is more likely to occur afferent monopoles; thalamic lesions lead to the formation of afferent hemiparesis with a characteristic intense pain, and spinal - to afferent paraparesis..

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