the Americans were allowed to plan the gender of your future child

 the Americans were allowed to plan the gender of your future childClinic for human reproduction in the United States received permission to select the sex of the baby on the desire of the couple. This happened after years of fierce debate about the ethical acceptability of extending this right to parents. To choose the gender of the child will be able to only those couples who already have a child and want another, but the other sex. According to the preliminary agreement, the doctors will learn that influenced the decision of parents to plan the sex of your baby. And after the baby is born, doctors will monitor its health and social adaptation as they grow older. Specialists in reproduction noted that they have already received 50 requests from couples wishing to take the opportunity to plan the sex of the child. Technology PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) that allows using genetic analysis to select healthy embryos to avoid manifestations of the child of hereditary diseases, already used in some clinics. But to use it to select the sex of the baby, the doctors can only occur if the woman undergoing artificial insemination. In many countries, including the UK, the use of PGD for the regulation of the sex composition of the family, is prohibited. Experts believe that the desire to choose the sex of the children suggests that many couples prefer one gender to another, which, in essence, is sexual discrimination. The Guardian (Russian text

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