AIDS can be fought!

AIDS can be fought!Accumulated data allowed to conclude that appeared in the 1997 new drugs effective against the "plague of the XX century". The majority of HIV-infected makers of modern medicine, to live at least another 10 years, scientists have reported. According to the results of tests in several European countries since 1997, when they were new methods of treatment, the death rate from AIDS has fallen by 80%. In addition, equal to the expected life expectancy of older and younger HIV-infected. 10 years old life expectancy of the infected is an important indicator for researchers engaged in the development of new drugs and evaluation of their effectiveness. You can without a doubt say that a new treatment is better still. The most perfect method of treatment is combination therapy with HAART, but she is not able to get rid of the virus. When the method of HAART has just appeared, mortality from virus following its use has halved. As soon as it became clear how effective this method, it became widely used. However, detailed statistics about its effectiveness is still not there. The present findings of a British specialists rely on the results of 22 different studies conducted in Europe, Australia and Canada. It was found that the use of HAART gives approximately the same results around the world, according to BBC. Unfortunately, for our HIV-positive 10-year mark until almost unattainable, and the modern methods of treatment..

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