For uroven stress can be monitored remotely

For uroven stress can be monitored remotelyFor uroven stress can be monitored remotely American scientists are developing a device that will monitor in real time the level of stress in soldiers on the battlefield. The principle of the device - measurement in saliva levels of steroid hydrocortisone secreted in the adrenal gland (adrenal-gland). This enzyme correlates directly with the level of nervous tension. Saliva is taken by means of a flexible tube similar to the one through which cyclists drinking water in the road. Chemical analysis data are transmitted to the commander of the unit that evaluates whether the soldier to perform a task or his actions could be put in jeopardy comrades-in-arms. The instrument is developed in the physics laboratory of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "Using such monitoring, person can know your level of stress," says project Manager David Lawrence (David Lawrence) on the website Ananova. Such devices find application in other areas where a person experiences a great deal of stress and his actions critical to others - for example, air traffic controllers, pilots, drivers and so on, but the main field of application it is assumed all military. According to Hopkins, a working prototype should be ready by September. According to the materials Ananova.

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