Music for the brain - as a foreign language

Music for the brain - as a foreign languageMusic for the brain - as a foreign language The brain perceives music as another foreign language. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Liverpool, who explored the area of the brain, which was considered to be associated exclusively with the function of speech in musicians. It turned out that they, regardless of the tool that they have, in this area of the brain was more gray matter than humans, far from music. These data, according to Professor of behavioral neuroscience from the German University of Konstanz Thomas Elbert (Thomas Elbert), 'agree well with the existing view that musicians process music as an additional language'. This scientist also has been studying the activity of the motor cortex while playing musical instruments. In this study, conducted under the guidance of British neurologists Vanessa Sluming (Vanessa Sluming) and Neil Roberts (Neil Roberts), was attended by 26 musicians of men aged from 26 to 66 years. A control group of people not involved in music, they were selected according to age. The study area Broca was carried out using three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging. It was found that the increase in gray matter volume, i.e. nerve cells, in this speech zone depended on the type of musical instrument, skill in which was made the subject, but was in direct dependence on the number of years spent on music lessons. According to the researchers, this means that language and music have a lot in common in the perception by the brain. Besides the obvious explanation that playing musical instruments develops Broca's area, there is another possibility. As noted by Professor Elbert, it is possible that people with more developed Broca's area prone to music lessons and achieve this great success. Now he wants to test the assumption that these features of the brain in musicians should facilitate the absorption of the grammar school course. The story about the study appeared in a recent issue of the journal of Neuroimaging. Source:

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