Smokers can save antioxidant vitamins

Smokers can save antioxidant vitaminsThis study was designed to determine the possible protective effects of antioxidants (vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and red ginseng) on lipid peroxidation in smokers, vucurevich 20 or more cigarettes a day. Students male smokers were prescribed supplements containing antioxidants (200 IU of vitamin E, 9 mg of beta-carotene, 500 mg of vitamin C or 1.8 g of red ginseng) for 4 weeks. Smokers were characterized by a significantly lower initial concentrations of vitamin C, beta-carotene and alpha-tocopherol in plasma, as well as significantly higher rates of lipid peroxidation. After the appointment of antioxidants showed a significant increase of the level data of micronutrients. The treated beta-carotene, vitamin E significantly increased the level of high density lipoprotein, and concentrations of markers of lipid peroxidation decreased gradually. Findings suggest that smokers have insufficient concentrations of antioxidant vitamins in plasma and that the supplements they can to protect smokers from oxidative damage. Toxicol Environ Health (Russian text

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