Pediatricians ask for help

Pediatricians ask for helpRussian pediatricians are concerned with the upcoming health care reform. According to a new project aimed at improving the structural efficiency of the medical industry, the widespread recently in professional circles by the Ministry of health, Institute of children's doctors will be disbanded. To replace him will come family doctor General profile. As commented yesterday that decision at the IX Congress of pediatricians of Russia Director of the Scientific centre of children health RAMS, Alexander Baranov, "the introduction of such reforms would be a tragic mistake, because it will destroy the unique Russian system of health protection of mother and child". However, the health Ministry has not yet made decisions on the program. As explained in the main medical Department of the country to the correspondent of the newspaper "Vremya Novostei", the project is only being discussed, and the final decision will be taken on Board of the Ministry of health in March. However, it is already known that the reform of Pediatrics has already agreed to Finance the world Bank. And from this offer health officials refuse to shame. The participants of the IX Congress, however, had to admit that the current system of child health care does not always manifest itself from the best side. Deputy health Minister Olga Sharapova recalled pediatricians tragic new year's eve event in the city of Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk region. Because of the outbreak at a local hospital from December 20, 2003 January 13, 2004 killed six infants. As decided, the intra-group investigation, the main causes of the accident was the lack of staff and equipment. According to Ms. Sharapova, in a large hospital on a hundred beds were only two doctors on duty by turns. They did not manage to cope with the new hospital infection. "The equipment was not enough," said the Deputy Minister. - And heavy children were very much to all required mechanical ventilation. Therefore, when the organism appeared, it quickly spread from one child to another. However, acted unprofessional and head. As recognized Ms. Sharapova, "he tried to silence occurred: was not closed immediately the hospital and not reported to the sanitary-epidemiological service and the Ministry of health." As stated in the official report of the Ministry of health, in fact the outbreak criminal case. According to the head of the state Duma Committee on health protection Tatiana Yakovleva, Pediatrics itself today in urgent need of assistance. She said that in the 2004 budget did not contain the rising salaries of doctors. Little funds provided for the purchase of modern equipment. While, according to the calculations of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, only the expenditures of the Federal institutions providing high-tech medical aid to children in 2004 in the Federal budget should be increased by 1 billion rubles..

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