Family remedy for flu and colds

Family remedy for flu and coldsFamily remedy for flu and colds Each season brings to our home unique joys and challenges. Along with the snow, skiing, ice skating and a happy New year, winter is the time for flu and colds. Perpetrators viruses just waiting when we get dressed "weather" and perekladka. Intermittent failure in the protective forces of the body ends in the evening headache, runny nose and General malaise. At night or the next morning join chills, cough and temperature -"bouquet", which places us 5-10 days in bed. Of course, as they say, the potential options, and many of us carry the disease on their feet. But in this case often ends complications from sinusitis to pneumonia. Until recently, many believed the flu and colds unpleasant, unavoidable components of winter, because antibiotics on viruses do not act, and the immune system is unable to adapt to annual changes in their structure. Today we recommend to have in your medicine chest complex homeopathic drops Aflubin. Due to its natural basis Aflubin is a safe drug and can be used at any age, so it can be called a family remedy for flu and colds. Aflubin protects the organism at any stage of the disease. What is the secret of such a diverse actions of medicinal drops? The fact that Aflubin acts not on the virus, and modifies the body's response to its penetration. On the invasion of different "common cold" viruses and bacteria the human body reacts in a similar manner, and Aflubin reinforces and models common antiviral and antimicrobial hand immunity. Thus, Aflubin changes the habitat of virus and bacteria in the body. New conditions do not allow them to develop properly, and the disease ends. To start treatment Aluminum never too late. In the beginning, when the first signs of the disease, Aflubin just won't let the flu or colds develop. If the time is wasted and You already sore-take Aflubin and the disease will end much faster, and to proceed will be much easier. In addition, when receiving Aflubin complications of colds and flu is reduced to a minimum. Not only cold obtrusive the body in the fight against pathogens. In the winter we spend significantly more time indoors, and if at work or at home someone has a cold, the probability of infection of others is huge. But Aflubin and here comes to the rescue. Therapeutic good drops and as a preventive tool. It is well known that time - expensive. Aflubin will help keep You and your children. And it's not just words. International studies have shown that when taking Aflubin during the epidemic of influenza, the risk of infection is reduced in children at twenty-two, and in adults in four times. Aflubin does not interact with other drugs, and if You are a supporter of the complex: approach to treatment and prevention, you can combine it with any medications. Aflubin retains properties not only in water but also in milk..

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