what can you tell us your teeth?

what can you tell us your teeth?Tells the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of the Central research Institute of dentistry in Moscow Gennady Vladimirovich, PANCHENKO. - On any, even the most insignificant destruction of the tooth can determine which organ is not in order. The upper and lower incisors (1-2), for example, is judged on the condition of the kidneys, bladder, and, oddly enough, the ears. Fangs (3) "responsible" for the liver and gallbladder, molars (4-7) for the stomach, spleen, lungs, and so-called wisdom teeth can tell us about the state of the heart and small intestine. - Is it possible the nature of the damage to the tooth to determine which organ is sick and why? - Yes. Take, for example, pulpitis. This is the most unpleasant dental disease. It makes people want to "climb the wall" - so this pain is unbearable. The pulpit, in fact, is the inflammation of the dental nerve. If you look what the tooth has fallen ill with pulpitis, and then scheme to determine the appropriate authority, you can put the preliminary diagnosis of gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis. Unfortunately, very "popular" disease recently became caries. If you find yourself in this disease, you can easily see and what the body needs treatment: the diagram indicates the liver - you, apparently, hepatitis, stomach - gastritis, or ulcer, and if destroyed, the tooth is correlated with the ears, it can develop otitis media. In General, a toothache is a kind of alarm about the problems of the human body. Love your teeth. - Is there an inverse relationship, when the tooth entails some internal disease? - In the body are all interconnected. We all know that, for example, hypothermia feet often turns out to be dental pain. The tooth can become inflamed. From inflammation in humans, fever, and severe pain - blood pressure. Each tooth has a nervous and vascular system, in which the disease is transmitted. The result is due to a simple getting wet feet, and then inflammation of the teeth we can have a heart attack, meningitis, memory impairment. So need to take care not only of the teeth. Bad teeth can be a cause of headaches. Inflammation of the canines and incisors of the upper jaw are accompanied by pain in the temples, and the destruction of indigenous teeth tormented by the pain in his head. "But in our country few people with perfectly healthy teeth. And what to do? - To think seriously - teeth hurt for a reason. Perhaps not and never was in the world, this nation, whose teeth would be perfect health. If it is not possible to regularly visit the dentist, the development of some diseases you can pause and at home. If there is a sudden toothache, for example, you can take analgesic. But keep in mind that these pills cause addictive and soon become ineffective. Help well mixed in equal amounts of salt, onion and garlic. The resulting slurry was put on the aching tooth for 10-15 minutes, covering the top with a cotton swab. The taste of this medicine will certainly not sugar, but quite reliable. That being said, "ambulance". When caries together with toothpaste, you can use powdered milk. When brushing powder milk powder disappear bleeding gums and bad breath, slows down the formation of Tartar. The teeth will be less to loose, if in 1-2 weeks to RUB the gums fresh juice of yarrow or a clove of garlic. Yellow plaque is well removed if, brushing the teeth, you will add to the pasta a bit of baking soda and 1-2 drops of lemon juice. However, this method, as well as special cleaning paste, you cannot apply more than three times per week as, together with the plaque can sciatica and part of the enamel. Many traditional methods are good, but in any case a few times a year you need to visit a dentist. - I heard that in the teeth, you can judge a person's character? - Teeth are not only an indicator of the state of internal organs. It is possible to make a psychological portrait of the man. Physiognomists bring these facts: small, sharp and rare teeth say about the malice and cunning of man. Large distance between the teeth on dementia and bezvolnosti, long teeth on greed and anger, and tangy and vypyachivalis about parsimony. Straight teeth is a sign of sanitati and eloquent, and thoughtful people often have teeth of different heights. Scientists, of course, do not insist on a complete coincidence that all this is only General trends. We can say only one thing: big and strong teeth is absolute proof of a long and healthy life. Look at the teeth and determine whether all you have in order to internal organs. "Women's health"".

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