In the UK, the seized products with prohibited dye

In the UK, the seized products with prohibited dyeIn the day of the General parliamentary elections in great Britain withdrawn from sale of products containing prohibited dye. As reported on Thursday by the food standards Agency of the United Kingdom, 35 products containing potentially hazardous dye Para Red, were withdrawn from sale in the leading supermarkets in the country. "The risk from consumption of these products is very small, because the amount of dye Para Red in them is very small, but as a precaution I do not have", - said the Agency. Dye Para Red" chemical composition close to that of the colorant Sudan 1". Both are used in industry, but has been banned for use as food dyes. In February of this year, "Sudan 1 was detected in a number of sauces and semi-finished products, which were immediately withdrawn from sale across the UK. RIA "Novosti"".

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