facilities the girl with the "mermaid syndrome" appeared legs

facilities the girl with the Devyatnadcatiletnie the Peruvian Milagros, Kerron that six months ago he had an operation in occasion of "mermaid syndrome", for the first time after removing the bandages appeared before the public. The girl, who is now in hospital in Lima, grabbed myself for toes and just a snorting. Milagros, Carron was born with "mermaid syndrome" or, scientifically, sirenomelia disease, which is manifested outwardly fused legs and occurs in about 1 60-100 thousand newborns. Almost all children with this rare syndrome die within the first hours and days after birth, because the defect involves, as a rule, not only the legs but also the entire lower body, including the urinary tract and digestive system. Little Milagros, whose name translates from Spanish as "miracles", is one of three surviving children with this syndrome. The girl with the "mermaid syndrome" has undergone two operations, consistently aimed at the separation of his knees, then thighs. In addition to the fused lower limbs in Milagros only one kidney, and sexual way, and the end of the digestive tract were fused together. Now doctors assess the condition Milagros as stable, but warn about the need for long-term treatment and re-operations within the next 10-15 years. In particular, in adolescence, she will have reconstructive surgery on the genitals, according to Luis Rubio, doctor girl. At the moment, the girl weighs 9 kg with height of about 70 cm, which is pretty small for her age. However, Rubio believes that in this situation cause for concern. Milagros was born in April 2004 in the city of Huancayo. Disease of the girls has caused deep shock her parents, because during pregnancy the expectant mother never held ultrasound. Now my parents Milagros hope that she will ever be able to walk, play in the Park and in the future will be able to go to University. Reuters Health (Russian text Mednovosti.ru).

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