Therapeutic diets

Therapeutic dietsDiet is one of the important methods of treatment in many diseases, such as diabetes lung flow, alimentary obesity only. When clinical nutrition is not only the correct selection of products, but the technology of cooking, the temperature of the patients consumed food, multiplicity and timing of meals. Exacerbation of many diseases associated with various excesses in the diet: chronic pancreatitis after fat sour cream, pancakes, alcoholic beverages, fried foods; violations in the diet in diabetes mellitus leads to a sharp increase in blood sugar, dry mouth, increased thirst, progressing fatty infiltration of the liver and pancreas; increase in blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension, occurs when the consumption of salty foods prescribed for this treatment is not effective. All medical and health institutions use the numbering system of the diets. Many of them have several options, for example: N 1A, 1B, N 7a, 7b, 7C, g because these diets you will meet in hospitals and sanatoriums, we introduce you to them, preserving the numbering of the names of the diseases in which they are appointed. If the exacerbation of the disease has passed and the patient has returned to an active lifestyle, the General principles of the diet should not be changed: first of all it concerns products that are excluded from power, but you can extend the methods of cooking (cook, bake after boiling), turn the vegetables home canning. Lack of vitamins can be compensated for finished pharmaceutical forms (geksavit, dekleva, gentavet and so on), a decoction of rose hips, wheat bran. All diets prohibited alcoholic beverages, in individual cases, the question of their use solves the attending physician. When combined in one patient two diseases requiring diet, is assigned the power to respect the principles of both diets. So, when the ulcers in a patient with diabetes, is assigned diet N1, but with the exception of all the products is contraindicated in diabetes..

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