Scientists have debunked one of the myths about diets

Scientists have debunked one of the myths about dietsClay Semenkovich and his colleagues from the University of Washington in St. Louis, USA, discovered that a diet extremely low in fat does not promote weight loss. It is believed that this diet not only prevents the accumulation of new fat in the body, but also provoke the body into burning stored fat reserves. However, researchers from St. Louis showed on experience with genetically modified mice (they had a lack of a certain enzyme in the liver) that this is a misconception. It was found that the liver needs to flow from outside a moderate amount of new fat, in order to properly organize the burning of existing fat. Extremely fat diet developed liver disease, and it was accumulated, oddly enough, a large amount of fat. This fat came from other parts of the body, but could not be processed by the liver. Similarly, in the case of a non-fat diet produced no effect and special preparations sold in the market), which can activate protein involved in fat burning process. But on a normal diet, these mice no violations occurred. The researchers concluded that as to the overall health of the body, and to start burning fat will be the best-balanced diet, and not "one-sided". The complete exclusion of fat from the diet can result in the opposite of the desired effect, stress the researchers. Membrana.Ru.

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