Athlete's foot

Athlete's footWhat is the General characteristic of the disease? Athlete's foot or athlete's foot, is called interdigitale by Trichophyton. This is one of the most common, often chronic fungal disease, growing mainly in spring and summer when there are conditions for activation of the fungus (sweating and maceration of the skin). Predispose to the disease wearing a closed, poorly ventilated shoes (especially rubber), unhygienic content foot, diaper rash, abrasions of the skin, flat feet, diabetes, piodermity stop, etc. How do people become infected? Infection most often occurs in showers, baths, swimming pools, where sanitary code. It is also possible family infected by unsanitary content of the bath. It should be noted that sometimes, in spite of infected of the disease does not develop and the disease process is oligosymptomatic, erased or runs completely hidden (economicalto). Such seemingly healthy people are especially dangerous because they are distributors of plicarum stop. What are the clinical manifestations of the disease? The mycelium of the fungus affects the entire thickness of the stratum corneum, especially the skin of the plantar surface (area code), interdigital folds stop, often spreads to the skin of the lateral and dorsal surfaces of the feet, often on the nail. In the field of defeat is itching on the skin appear different morphological lesions. How is the local treatment of plicarum stop? Treatment of plicarum stop should be performed taking into account the stage, degree of severity and extent of the process, as well as General condition of the patient. External treatment is applied only in small pockets of plicarum, during the initial stages of the disease. Lesions grease antiparasitic solution or ointment (2 % alcoholic solution of iodine, nitrogen-Gino, dermosolon, 5-10 % sulfuric, 3-5 % sulfur-money-Tarnow ointments; 5-10 % sulfuric ointment with addition of 3% salicylic acid and others). Between the fingers on the night lay strips of gauze. Useful stop bath with a warm solution of potassium permanganate(1:6000, 1:10000). All fingers should be separated using paper balls that lay only between the nail phalanges. In patients with severe acute or severe erosion need to assign first (for 1^2 days) lotions with solutions of potassium permanganate (1:6000), silver nitrate (0,25 %), tannin (3 %), and then fungicidal liquid and ointment. The nail plate is affected by the mushrooms, remove surgical or conservative methods using keratolytic patches or ointments. After this treatment is antifungal agents (liquids, ointments) to complete regrowth of new healthy nail. During such treatment, it is necessary to simultaneously apply the vitamins and remedies to stimulate the body's defenses. What are the basic principles of the General treatment of plicarum stop? In General the treatment is prescribed antisense funds (chloride or calcium gluconate, sodium thiosulfate, magnesium sulfate, sodium bromide, ascorbic acid, antihistamines). In extremely severe cases may short the purpose of low doses of corticosteroid drugs. When the evidence used stimulants and methods (pyrogenes, prodigiozan, aloe extract, vitamins a, B2, BS, Bi2,, autohemotherapy). With proper treatment, hygiene foot disease can be cured, but there may be relapses..

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