Passenger aircraft deprived of oxygen

Passenger aircraft deprived of oxygenBritish anesthesiologist Susan Humphreys of the Royal hospital in Belfast for the first time conducted a study of the oxygen level in the blood of passenger Airliners. The study involved 84 people at the age from one year to 78 years. It turned out that when the plane reaches cruising altitude, about half of the passengers with the same level of oxygen in the blood is reduced by 6% or more. In hospitals in such cases, prescribe supplemental oxygen. The reason for the reduction of oxygen is low air pressure in the cabin. It reduce in order to reduce the load on the airframe. The fall in the level of oxygen in the blood in combination with prolonged immobility and low humidity may be one reason for the poor health of some of the passengers in flight. Perhaps this study will help scientists to find a remedy against the so-called syndrome of economy class, which often affects people, a long time sitting in the narrow seats of the cabin. Radio "Freedom"".

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