Scientists were able to extend the period of gestation

Scientists were able to extend the period of gestationAmerican researchers announced that they managed to extend the period of gestation mouse pups. Scientists believe that the same methodology, the same can be successfully applied to humans. The main percentage of the morbidity and mortality of newborns is defined by a group of premature infants. The researchers hope that their outdoor method will significantly reduce the mortality of premature infants. The female body during pregnancy produces the hormone progesterone, which prevents uterine contractions. Shortly before birth the effectiveness of hormone drops sharply. In experiments on mice, scientists from the University of Texas used the drug, known as trichostatin And (tricostatin A). The drug acts on specific receptors in the likeness of progesterone, as if prolonging its action. The researchers were able to postpone the mouse birth to one or two days, which is 5-10% of the total duration of gestation (19 days). This means that people trichostatin And potentially may increase the period of carrying a child for one month. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

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