SARS - the first epidemic of the XXI century

SARS - the first epidemic of the XXI centuryThe first global epidemic of the XXI century - characterizes SARS British Independent. Chinese hospital is surrounded by a police cordon, officials in Toronto hold an extraordinary session, and the heads of airlines discuss the multi-billion dollar losses from the collapse of international tourism, the newspaper writes. At the same time, emphasizes Independent, panic spreads as quickly as the virus that causes atypical pneumonia (SARS). Britain's chief medical officer of the country sir Liam Donaldson spoke against giving SARS status subject to registration diseases like cholera and smallpox. This, as explained to the Independent, gives the right medical authorities to detain people who suspect that they are infected with this virus. The publication presents a number of measures that take dominion of Canada, China, India, Singapore, in an effort to avoid mass distribution of atypical pneumonia. SARS begins to affect the daily lives of Europeans, writes the Independent. For example, in the Brussels authorities have asked the bride and groom to have a wedding ceremony outside the walls of the city Council, because of fears that the bride-Chinese could get sick with SARS during the last trip to the far East. The handle, which is signed by the couple in the marriage certificate, and was immediately thrown out. But the Registrar refused to shake hands young after the ceremony. [RIA RosBusinessConsulting].

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