Sprains of the ankle joint

Sprains of the ankle jointWhat is the mechanism of dislocation? Dislocations and subluxations in the upper ankle joint combined with fractures of the ankle. Dislocation may occur at the junction of the talus and heel bone (podjarny dislocation of the foot). What are the clinical signs podernovo dislocation? In this case, there are significant thickening and deformity of the ankle and Achilles area. The heel is turned inward. Dislocation of tarsal bones, metatarsal bones occur when the compression of the foot and cause its deformation with the protrusion vivinity bones to the rear or to the side. Observed a large hematoma of the rear foot. How is emergency care to the patient? Spend splinting the foot of the stair of the bus from the knee joint to the ends of the toes. Tyre fitted on the rear surface of the leg and plantar surface of the foot. Enter painkillers..

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