Minerals and crystals

Minerals and crystalsMinerals and crystals Translated from the Greek krystallos" meaning "ice". There is a theory that the human organism in its structure follows the huge liquid crystal. In the normal state of an elementary particle of the crystal are of a very high oscillation frequency. When a person is ill, the normal oscillation frequency in the tissues of his body broken, and if placed next to a sick organism corresponding to the crystal, it will impose their level of vibration to the body tissues, which will restore the desired oscillation frequency. The nature of the minerals is somewhat different. Minerals - fragments of rocks, and in their structure have little in common with the human body. Perhaps this is due to their primary therapeutic effect. If the stones are crystalline origin restores destroyed by disease, the body return to him those qualities, which already existed before the illness, minerals, possessing a powerful energy field that can not only recover the lost health, but also to give its owner the qualities that he lacks for a harmonious and healthy life. However, this will happen only if the stone was chosen correctly. As we most often choose the stones? By color, by shape, by the fact that it is fashionable to wear this year, under color of our wardrobe, finally. The special benefits of this choice, of course, will not bring. And may cause serious damage, if you select the stone you will find others that are part of your vibration in resonance with the vibrations of your body for one reason or another. So before I talk about the impact of the stones directly on the system of internal human organs, is, probably, to elaborate on the General rules of selection and use of stones man. If we carefully analyse all the qualities and features of the stone, you can easily choose one mineral or some arrangement of several stones that will work for a specific person, individually, providing them with physical and mental health. Each of us in life there are such cases: we purchased some decoration (ring, pendant, bracelet, that you first pay no more attention than all the rest of your jewelry. But once this ornament is lost. And we are anxious, we begin convulsive raiders of the lost - to tears, hysterically. It is, of course, not what a pity lost, sometimes the value of this decoration is very small. The thing in the stone, which implicitly already got used to You, your body and positively started to affect your health. The loss of such a stone is losing energy source, because each mineral provides existing with him to the living body a certain (sometimes very strong) energy. Intuitively, occurring continuously changes in the body, we are drawn to particular stones, our taste varies depending on what type of energy we are lacking in any parts of the body, the bodies we feel its primary disadvantage. How to use the stones to help us in health and disease The simplest way is always to have your stone. Can several times a day to arrange a small healing sessions. To do this, sit comfortably, close your eyes, take in hand your favorite stone, to include good music and nothing extraneous to try not to think. Very useful during such sessions for some time to attach the stone to the sick, disturbing place. So, if you hold the stone over the wound and turn it slowly counterclockwise, the pain from the injury subsides (this property is inherent in larger crystals than the minerals, especially the quartz crystal). Crystals very well to massage, which in itself improves blood circulation, improves the nutrition of our bodies. Because the best conductor and the media and energy - water, cemeterey common insistence water, recharge of some stone. For this stone falls at night in a glass of clean water. In the morning this water should be drunk on an empty stomach. The choice of stone To determine the degree of relationship of stone and humans have long used a very simple way. Pick up the stone, which have the intention to make friends, and before going to sleep, bind it to the middle of the outer side of the left arm, from the elbow to the shoulder. Go quietly to sleep. If this night your dreams will be light and bright, then intuition didn't fail - You surely chose other. If all night long You will be nightmares, then the stone selected fail - it is alien to your body and, most likely, from the neighborhood with him You will get more harm than good. And if the night held no dreams at all? Well, if it is calm and peaceful, all is well. If You continue to toss and turn from side to side to Wake up, to get up to go to the kitchen to drink some water, then rock your still bothers You, excites, disturbs your inner peace. Better to abandon it. It is very important to remember the mood You Wake up in the morning. In case of a correctly sized stone, the mood will be light, bright, You will be full of energy and desire to actively live a day. If the stone is "foreign" get up sleepy, frustrated, angry pessimist. And this happens: the night was neither good nor bad, no dreams, feelings, emotions. Therefore, stone, chosen, is indifferent, neutral. Most likely, he will neither benefit nor harm. And still important in the choice of stone is Your own intuition. Usually we are subconsciously drawn to some things and always accurately and firmly know what exactly it is, this thing we needed. Certainly, each of us has felt such a craving for different things, kind of a love at first sight. In 99 cases out of 100, this love is mutual. What we must remember in dealing with stones Any stone is a carrier of information about its owner. The more negative information it receives from You, the more power you have to spend on its overcoming, neutralization.

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