Mysterious disease kills the elderly in Germany

Mysterious disease kills the elderly in GermanyMore than 25 people killed in Germany by a mysterious fever. As the correspondent of one of the German channels, since August is not identified until the disease has struck several dozen people, mostly in nursing homes. As stated, it is not associated with the extraordinary heat, established in large parts of Europe. The first death was registered on August 1, after which the outbreak was reported to the administration of nursing homes in the cities of Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe) and Darmstadt (Darmstadt), and also in one of the hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia. In all cases it was about the elderly or frail people in hospital outbreaks affected patients with diabetes. In Karlsruhe were 60 cases, of which lethal ended 15. In Darmstadt in one nursing home died eight people after they have fever and respiratory disorders. In the hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia high temperature appeared in five patients with diabetes, three of whom later died. As stated by the correspondent of the TV station Hessischer Rundfunk, with reference to the representative of the administration of Karlsruhe, the deaths of elderly people are not associated with established in Europe by the heat. Bacteriological and virological examination is not yet helped to establish the cause of death, now examines the relationship between these multiple outbreaks. According to France Presse, unlike France, officials in Germany so far said nothing about the victims of the hot weather. Mednovosti.

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