Diet cost of $ million

Diet cost of $  millionDiet cost of $ 50 million A resident of Manhattan recently filed a lawsuit against the food company in the amount of 50 000 000 dollars. 37-year-old journalist accused the firm producing cheese flakes of deceiving customers. Meredith Berkman argues that the fat and calories in the products manufactured by the company Pirate's Booty, does not correspond to the numbers listed on the product packaging. This discrepancy was the reason for filing the lawsuit against the company. In addition, the applicant stated that because of this, she gained a few pounds instead of losing weight. As reported by The New York Post, Meredith promised to donate the entire amount of the claim in the Institute of Nutrition. This is not the first case when the company Pirate's Booty claim. In January a special Commission found a number of inconsistencies. Researchers from the Good Housekeeping Institute found that one of the products, instead of these well pack 120 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, contained an 8.5 grams of fat and 147 calories. When miss Berkman discovered this discrepancy, she was just in shock, but declined to say how many pounds she gained. For a long time miss ate products produced by the company, in large quantities, while naively believing that such a diet will help her to get rid of excess weight. The issue is not that she was well, and that the client cheat! The company in response to the statement made by miss Berkman said that in this incident is to blame... machine, which is not correctly reproduced the information about the contents of the product on the packaging. Representatives of the company and has not appeared in court, but has posted on its website an announcement about the small changes associated with production. Now the company's products Pirate's Booty became much better, and the label on them has changed. Source:.

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