Animals are capable of doubt

Animals are capable of doubtIt turns out the animals as well as people who are able to assess their capabilities and to determine whether they will be able to perform a specific task or not. This result came of American scientists, conducted a series of tests on a group of rhesus and one Dolphin. Their work, the researchers describe in the December issue of the journal Behaviour and Brain Sciences Until now, scientists assumed that the assessment of their own capabilities is the privilege of man. When a person demonstrates the uncertainty about what, does he have enough skills to accomplish any difficult task, is evidence of the existence of the so-called "meta-cognitive consciousness", i.e. the ability to think about oneself and about one's own capabilities and to consider these possibilities in a broader context. Until now, psychologists have assumed that animals are not capable of it, but were not sure until the end, because the animals could not Express may be available to them, doubt and uncertainty. And now John Smith from the University of Buffalo and his colleagues Montarsolo University and Georgia state University have found a way to circumvent this difficulty: it has developed for animal tests on the memory and the perception of easy and challenging levels. If monkeys and dolphins successfully carried out the tasks, they received a reward. Conversely, if they could not cope with the task, they were punished. Already after a short training period, like monkeys, and dolphins did not dare to start a complex task, or did not dare to bring them to the end. This behavior clearly shows that animals have learned to assess their abilities. In addition, the behavior is exactly the fact that similar tests have been observed in humans. Psychologists believe that the observed behavior can be explained only by the fact that animals have a high degree of cognitive interpretation. The following scientists aim now is to test other species and, based on the results, to draw conclusions about the origin of intelligence and cognitive self-consciousness in the course of evolution.

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