Hair removal for summer

Hair removal for summerHair removal for summer Summer is near, the time for vacations, beaches and bikinis. Only now most of us remembers having to take care of myself and my body. We begin to think about their figure, smooth legs, the skin is not only the face but the whole body. And it turns out that cosmetic problems is more than enough. One of the main unwanted hair. How to make hair removal - this article. How to remove excess hair? The issue of concern to mankind for a long time. Even in the times of the Ancient Roman Empire when the city baths-baths there was a special room, where a special ceremony was held for the removal of all body hair - the hair was wound on a coarse thread [read: rotating mechanism], and then ruthlessly broke. This principle is still embedded in the design of modern home depilation. Modern fashionista that removes unwanted hair with wax, not even guess that I should thank for this ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. She invented the recipe of a special viscous blockage, which froze on the body, and then he was off like a second skin. Unfortunately, and other modern methods of hair removal is not far away from those used 2-3 thousand years ago. They are all long, painful, cause complications and even the stimulation of hair growth. This removes only visible hair, the process of formation and hair growth is not affected. It turns out that the person just runs away from the problem, not actually solving, but only exacerbating it. It seemed that the theme of the unwanted hair will be exhausted with the advent of laser hair removal. However, its scope was quite limited. The laser can cope only with black hair on white skin, and therefore are totally irrelevant in the summer, when most people tans. This problem has been solved with the advent of photoepilation. The main unique advantage of this method is the possibility of removing hair of any color and any structure on all skin types. Not accidentally, this technique is used both in Europe and in Africa. And contraindications for hair removal virtually none. Despite the relative youth (5 years) in this method, it has already proven its effectiveness. According to the latest clinical data, 94% of patients have a persistent effect of hair removal is observed already after the fifth photoepilation. Cosmetic effect occurs even earlier. 78% of patients it is achieved after the third session. The first and still the only place in Moscow, where all methods of hair removal, including the IPL, was and remains Clinic of laser medicine. Here are the answers of specialists of the clinic for possible questions: When is the best time to make a photoepilation and how is it prepared? Expert opinion is that, ideally, to visit the clinic to advance, it is better for 2-3 weeks before the planned departure. The doctor can no rush to do tests and to remove hair in any specified location. After all the necessary procedures in advance, people will ensure yourself a comfortable stay. Besides, if this spring and summer You will be doing the hair removal method of hair removal and make the necessary specifically to You the number of sessions [in accordance with the skin type and hair], I can assure you: by next summer, this issue worry You will not. The high efficiency of the method is that the warranty. It will not hurt if tanned leather further sessions? Here it should be noted that a wide range of opportunities for U.S. devices of the new generation of computer photo epilators - allows the medical staff to work on tanned skin and help patients throughout the summer period. Laser hair removal, as the older method does not resolve the problem and allows you to remove only the dark hair on white skin. The third most frequently asked question relates to the art of intimate hair removal. The fact that the problem of intimate epilation, indeed, is quite relevant. And here are the features photoepilation be decisive. In fact, due to the physiological characteristics of the human body color of skin in intimate areas darker than usual. In addition, these zones refer to "shock" due to the presence in them of a significant number of pain receptors. As a result, all methods of hair removal, except for photoepilation, are in intimate hair removal is not applicable. Computer device allows, by the way, to make curly hair or as it is sometimes called, intimate haircut. I want to add that technical excellence and diversity of possibilities clinic is really great. Here at chic operating do plastic surgery, polished skin with the most modern laser methods, correct all defects. But the most important thing is the atmosphere, special hospitality that is so rare in our time. Source:.

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