Similar to the insulin protein prolong human life by -%

Similar to the insulin protein prolong human life by -%Similar to the insulin protein prolong human life by 30-40% Boston geneticist Gary Ruvkun together with scientists at Harvard University have carried out the cloning of the gene Di-Hey-EF-2, regulate biorhythms small hookworm, round worm, barely visible to the naked eye. In the absence of food this gene includes biochemical mechanisms that dramatically slow your metabolism and lead the nematode in a passive state. Such adaptation to the adverse environment increases the lifespan of the worm thirty to forty percent. The protein encoded by the genome of Di-Hey-EF-2, turned out to be a close analogue of the protein, which serves as the insulin receptor in humans. This suggests that it is possible to increase the human life span by lowering the level of carbohydrate metabolism. The open group Ruvkun, published in the journal "science", can also help find new treatments for diabetes. Source: Solvay-Pharma.

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