a Billion orgasms

a Billion orgasmsViagra is five years old. The blue pill has made a happier life 20 million men have had some problems with sex. Happier steel and shareholders of Pfizer, the us pharmaceutical company, which produces viagra: this year was a billionth of a tablet. The drug is sold in 120 countries, and in 2002 he brought revenue of $ 1.7 billion. Blue diamond covers the needs of 80% of the world market for anti-erectile dysfunction. But for the past few months in pharmacies, can be purchased new drugs such as cialis company Eli Lilly and Icos or levitra Bayer (last created in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, called drug vivanza). Meanwhile, Pfizer scientists are exploring new uses of sildenafil is the main active substance of viagra. The laboratories in the Sandwich group of scientists working on the question of whether you can use this substance to combat sexual dysfunction in women and some other pathologies, such as, for example, increased pulmonary arterial pressure. Mitradel Bolelli, which in 1993 was involved in the first studies on viagra, and now is head of the development group, explains: "Only since 1992 sexual dysfunction in women began to be classified as a disease." Until that time, was dominated by "Victorian vision problems, when we were talking about women. Sex was supposed to be only for procreation, and all studies were directed to the treatment of infertility". But just as men, "women these dysfunctions can be symptoms of heart disease, diabetes or depression that should be treated. Scientists from Pfizer began a few years ago, work to get pink viagra, "but in order to patent it as a medicine, it will take time," warns Bolelli, Recalling that "in order for the medication appeared on the market, required 15 years and $ 800 million investment. Meanwhile, based on the results of the study conducted by Pfizer, which was attended by 202 women (103 received placebo, and 99 - sildenafil), the ladies, the tablet which was a real, experienced a more satisfying sexual relationship. While viagra find new consumers. At the beginning of a typical client was a married man at the age of about 60. Today, in addition to some women, this drug use and young people to avoid dangerous failures during the first experience, and gays. Many young Britons do not hide that he used viagra to counteract the side effects from drugs and alcohol. One 31-year-old woman admitted to the Sunday Times that "had sex eight hours" with her fiancГ© after taking viagra: "a Very interesting experience, almost animal, but without passion". 30-year-old actor from Brighton recalls that took the drug to "have fun" with two girlfriends at the same time: "All three of them we have experienced fantastic pleasure. In September a viagra took the climbers who made the ascent of the Mont Blanc. They had the impression that the tool helps to alleviate the symptoms of altitude sickness, and to improve the physical condition. Thus, the application area of the blue diamond is expanding: the name of this drug is already entered in the dictionaries and lists of medicines that are paid 85 percent of officials of the European Union. But the main goal remains the army men who have problems with "him". These 3 million in Italy, 30 in the US, 60 million in China. Damiano Iovino.

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