RosaceaROSACEA is a disease that occurs in middle and old age (more common in women) and characterized by the appearance on the face of small papulopustular rash on the background of diffuse erythema with telangiectasia. The etiology is unknown. The pathogenesis is associated with seborrhea, vegetative-vascular neurosis. Have a value of disorders of gastric secretion (usually ahilya), women also - ovarian dysfunction. Provoke annoying process external factors (sun, wind, frost, work in hot shops). The clinical picture. Affected only the skin (usually on the cheeks and nose). Occurs often in seborrheic background, persistent diffuse redness (erythema) with telangiectasia. Saturation erythema changing. Later on her background, there are small bright red papules which are formed superficial pustules. When the regression of acne scars remains. Subjective sensation of heat, itch. For with frequent exacerbations, indefinitely, can develop tuberous hypertrophy of the skin of the nose (rhinophyma). The accession of keratitis. From ordinary acne rosacea differs by age of patients (older than 25 years), localized only on the face, erythema and telangiectasia, lack of blackheads and scars. When lupus erythema has clear boundaries, there are no pustules appear dense scales, in Exodus develops scar atrophy. Treatment. Elimination provoking external factors. Correction dystonia, gastrointestinal and ovarian disorders. Diet, avoiding alcohol, spicy foods, strong tea and coffee. Vitamin (B2 B6, B12, PP), delagil, trichopol. In severe cases, antibiotics, particularly drugs tetracycline. Local astringent and disinfectant lotions, pastes, cryomassage, electrocoagulation, dermabrasion..

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