Blood in Malawi stock vampires

Blood in Malawi stock vampiresBlood in Malawi stock vampires In one of the poorest countries in the world - Malawi - started serious unrest from spreading rumors about vampires who agree with the government on the supply of blood in exchange for food aid from international organizations. These rumors, acquiring incredible detail, threaten stability in the country and the activities of local government. It is reported that the rumors about the vampire attacks are circulating in some parts of the country, such as Mulanje (Mulanje), Thyolo (Thyolo), Chiradzulu (Chiradzulu and Blantyre (Blantyre), in the last three weeks. Many local residents, mostly women and children, willing to talk about how the vampires had made the attack. Some of the "bloodsuckers" it's already paid for. Last week in Thyolo, the area where the main industry is the cultivation of tea was stoned man accused of aiding and abetting the vampires. Been beaten three Catholic priest, in which people saw the local Dracul". As noted, in many southern areas affecting agriculture, as residents fear not dare to leave their homes. The authorities are doing everything possible to stop spreading rumors about vampires. President He Muluzi (Bakili Muluzi) promised to punish any official who will be caught for this lesson. He said that rumors can be triggered by the political opposition, which is trying to discredit the government, and so suffer from protests and lack of food. According to the world food programme, the country's three million people need immediate food assistance. This country is one of the six most heavily affected by drought. In General, according to experts, it is included in the list of the ten poorest countries in the world. It is reported that recently, the Parliament rejected amendments that would allow the President to run for a third term after the end of its mandate in 2004. Source:

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