Heart surgery worsen memory

Heart surgery worsen memory Heart surgery worsen memory... As found American scientists, operations with the use of artificial blood circulation cause a decrease in mental abilities in some patients. Scientists attribute this to the toxins of the bacteria of the intestine, which penetrate into the bloodstream during surgery, and, reaching the tissues of the brain, cause there is inflammation. When used during surgical procedures heart-lung machine ("artificial heart") the blood supply of the intestine is greatly diminished. Impaired barrier function of the intestinal wall and the bacteria get into the bloodstream. In patients with impaired immunity to toxins of bacteria (primarily the elderly), these substances can get into the brain and cause inflammation. The number of interventions with the use of artificial blood circulation in recent years is constantly increasing. This operation was conducted by the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin in 1996. In a study conducted in the U.S. Duke University, North Carolina, took part 343 patients who underwent surgery using cardiopulmonary bypass. Before surgery, each patient was determined level of antibodies to toxins, bacteria, and they all passed the tests on short-term memory, attention, concentration, speech understanding. Tests conducted six weeks after surgery showed that the mental capacity decreased in 36% of patients. And, as it turned out, in people older than 64 years of age whose immunity has been reduced, such changes occurred twice as often than in patients with normal immunity. Dr. Joseph Mathew, who led the study, said: "if patients get rid of symptoms of physical suffering, but we will leave them with a memory impairment or attention v it will not be a problem". He offers to counteract the negative effects of toxins, for example, entering before the operation of the vaccine. Рњednovosti.ru.

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