Scientists have found that even thoughts about alcohol planet

Scientists have found that even thoughts about alcohol planetPsychologist Ronald Friedman and his colleagues from the University of Missouri, USA, found that only thought about beer, wine or vodka, for instance, inspired by the appearance on the computer screen for alcohol-related words - can "dim" the perception of the person and affect his libido. Alcohol, as we know, affects people in different ways: for some, the drinks can be a stimulant, others because of this sexual ardor opposite - cooled. Known and this effect: man, under the influence of alcohol, other people (girls, for example) may seem more attractive than they really are. The effect of this on the West jokingly referred to as "beer goggles" ("beer goggles"). Friedman drew for the experiment students 80 boys. For a start, the volunteers were asked how alcohol affects their sexual energy, and then divided into two groups and sat in front of computers. On the screens of the members of the first group flashed replica and words associated with beer, whiskey, Martini and wine. The second group saw words like "tea", "coffee", and so on. After watching the boys asked on a scale from 1 to 9 to rate the attractiveness of women to 20 photos. Volunteers, expecting that alcohol will enhance their libido, after "subconscious drinking" appreciated the pictures more favorably. Those who such expectations have not experienced, put women low scores. "The most surprising thing that the mere anticipation can affect perception," said study co-author Markus Denzler. Friedman believes that the findings shed light on our vulnerability to subconscious signals: "Anticipation and expectations of drugs or alcohol can be activated without your understanding," warns scientist. He emphasizes that other studies have shown how simple words can affect our behavior. So, once it was discovered that students, having heard the words and replicas of old age, are slower to go up the stairs. Meanwhile, Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute have found that the effect of alcohol can be an active growth of new nerve cells in the brain. These cells can bring a lot of benefits, the researchers note. However, not everything is rosy and new cells can contribute to the development of alcoholism, warn researchers. Experiments on mice have shown that moderate doses of alcohol in the brain of rodents grew more cells, but mouse began to prefer alcohol to water. "We believe that the increased production of new nerve cells during moderate alcohol intake may be important for the development of alcohol dependence and other long-term alcohol effects exerted on the brain," said the head of the group of Swedish scientists, Professor Stephen Breen. On the other hand, additional cells can help in the process of learning and improve memory. Anyway, the study was conducted only in mice. And to make far-reaching conclusions too early, experts say. Membrana.RU.

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