Clarified the reasons for candidiasis in old age

Clarified the reasons for candidiasis in old ageVaginal candidiasis in patients of elderly age due to immune deficiency, a decrease in the content of estrogen and implementation in the vaginal wall of the fungal flora. Antibiotic therapy, diabetes mellitus, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are the triggering factors for this disease. The study Samara physicians, presented at the recent Russian Congress of Genital infection and cervical pathology", took part of the patient with the disease in the chronic form, aged 48-65 years. All patients had previously received outpatient treatment with no effect. Specific therapy fluconazole were held together with antihistamines and ozonated autohemotherapy. To correct hormonal balance has been used ovestin. After therapy, all patients noted the disappearance of pain, and laboratory control not found in the vaginal wall of the pathogen. Chronic vaginal candidiasis in women of menopausal age is the only topical treatment is ineffective. "A correction of extragenital pathology, the selection of a specific therapy antihistamines and immunotherapy in the form of ozonated autohemotherapy. Locally it reasonable to assign estrogensoderjashie drugs to improve the nutritional status of the vaginal walls and increase the effectiveness of treatment," concluded O. B. Kalinkina and co-authors. The

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