Once again, the wrinkles

Once again, the wrinklesIt is NO SECRET that the appearance of wrinkles is not the prerogative of the skin of elderly people. Sun, air and water, though best friends, but their good work they are doing in relation to the whole organism, but not the face and neck. Weather conditions, among which the most important is the sun, will result in drying of the skin, appearance of wrinkles, thinning, and sometimes change color to gray. A significant contribution to the appearance of wrinkles making unprocessed emotions. Never noticed that your face after a fight or an unpleasant conversation as if freezes while maintaining which is creased brow, narrowed eyes or mouth curved? However, to constantly watch it and get rid of addictions, it should at least be attached to your own hand car mirror. Fundamentally there are two ways to solve the problem of premature wrinkles. Rhytidectomy or surgical facelift involves performing incisions in inconspicuous places, peeling skin on a fairly large plot of land, stretching and excision of the resulting surplus. Do not think that I am trying to discredit rhytidectomy, but experience shows that women twenty to thirty years of age, always trying to find a non-surgical alternative. I am sure that not everyone is ready for the sake of beauty to lie on the operating table. And this is quite normal - the cost, risk, and the effect should be justified. And the ratio of these factors at the age of 20 and 50 are completely different. Is a good solution to the problem "wrinkled forehead" is "Botox". Active principle of the drug is botulinum toxin - a poison that causes paralysis of the muscles. The military uses this neurotoxin to kill people, and cosmetologists in order to relax the muscles. Respectively, and the concentrations vary. "Botox" is used highly diluted botulinum toxin, which is not absorbed and acts only locally. By itself, the procedure is the injection of the drug and does not require anesthesia, special examinations of the patient, or the most sophisticated equipment, etc. Prior effect can be seen in 7-14 days. During this time, the forehead or wrinkles around my eyes are smoothed. The effect duration is 3-4 months, then you can repeat injections. Although some just one procedure, because they simply forget how to wrinkle forehead and squint. In conclusion, the main thing. About the price, began to be. The cost of rhytidectomy is $ 1000-1500 depending on the class of the clinic. One procedure Botox will cost 250-400 dollars. When you consider that on average takes three procedures, the total cost will be $ 750-1200. And a little tar: optimal method of rejuvenation can be solved only plastic surgeon, and you can agree or not. Г’rГЎsnГїjГїn.

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