Light ophthalmia

Light ophthalmiaLIGHT OPHTHALMIA (potoptalsya) - burns of the conjunctiva, cornea and retina when exposed to eyes very bright light. Symptoms. Through b-8 h after exposure to light appear sharp eye pain, blepharospasm, lacrimation. Conjunctiva is hyperemic and somewhat swollen, sometimes detected peritoneally injection. The cornea is dull. Eyes narrowed, the sluggish reaction to light. Lesions of the retina usually localized in the macula and lead to a significant reduction of vision and the emergence of Central scotomas. In fresh cases when ophthalmoscopy visible light swelling of the retina, in the later stages-point yellowish foci with pigmentation. Treatment. Cold lotions from the water, 0.5% solution of sodium bicarbonate or tannin. Installation of 0.5% solution dikaina and 0.1% solution of adrenaline. When corneal erosion disinfectants. Wearing glasses with filters. The prognosis is usually favorable. In severe burns of the retina persistent low vision. Prevention: eye protection shields or dark glasses..

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