this year should not expect a very big flu epidemic

this year should not expect a very big flu epidemicHead of the laboratory of etiology and epidemiology of influenza Institute of Virology RAMS Anatoly Slepushkin said, don't expect "this year is very great flu epidemic". "While we're on the decline of this wave, as circulated, somewhat modified, the viruses that caused the disease in the nineteenth and last year," he explained. According to the expert, the incidence of influenza in the next previous years, caused the virus "Fujan". Meanwhile, in summer in the southern hemisphere have been a small epidemic of influenza, and in New Zealand was isolated virus "Wellington", which turned out to be different from "Pujana," said A. Slepushkin. According to him, the new virus is introduced into a vaccine that will be used in the southern hemisphere this season. A. Slepushkin also stressed that the most effective way to prevent influenza is vaccination. He also pointed to the desirability of vaccination within 2-3 years, after which you must make a one-year break, and then start again get the flu vaccine. Children and young people scientist advised to be vaccinated with live vaccine, and the elderly better use of the inactivated vaccine. According to A. Slepushkin, vaccination is contraindicated for people already experiencing discomfort, as well as those who have allergic reactions to egg protein. Currently, scientists are working to create a vaccine based on the culture of mammalian tissue, but in practice there is no vaccine," said A. Slepushkin. "Echo Of Moscow"".

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